Aadhira mohi 3 – review, rating and inside pictures
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Aadhira mohi 3 – review, rating and inside pictures

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aadhira mohi 3 – synopsis

Aadhira Mohi 3 is the most recent comic published by bullseye press publications and the third installation in the Aadhira Mohi series. Aadhira Mohi 1 and 2 has raised the bar of the storyline back-to-back and so the third instalment. Aadhira Mohi 3

If you see Aadhira Mohi 2 as a masterpiece, then consider Adhira Mohi 3 as two times exciting and sensational than that. Aadhira Mohi 3 is special and more exciting because Aadhira Mohi 3 is connecting its roots back to where it all started.

Aadhira Mohi 3 is available in both Hindi and English. One thing that deserves special mention is that this time the number of pages has also increased to 36, that too at an earlier price.

The story of Aadhira Mohi 3 revolves around a small group of 5 people who enters the Bijay Bank to rob it. However they were unaware of the nightmare that waits for them inside. From here you witness a bloody game as something starts hunting all the dacoits one by one.

The story is beautifully composed as it does not reveal its secrets till the end. The story is not as simple as the synopsis sounds and those who are aware of the writing skills of Ashwin Kalmane understands that well.

One question that was commonly asked during its pre-order and even after launch was why Aadhira and Mohi are missing on the cover. If this is even about Aadhira Mohi or not. Everybody was waiting for Aadhira Mohi.

So do not worry, Aadhira Mohi are there in the series. For your surety, we are adding a panel of Aadhira in the comic book.

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Aadhira Mohi 3 Story – 10

The grip and pace of the story keeps the reader engaged till the end. It raises questions, brings thrill, and keep you wanted more. Thus it deserves 10 out of 10 in both categories.

The concept and impact of the story is amazing. Ashwin Kalmane always comes with a fresh breath of air with his stories and it is not different this time too. Aadhira Mohi 3 connects the storyline back to where it all started, and the end of the story raises your expectations from this series. The story may confuse a casual reader but if you pay close attention to the graphic design and color toning then you can avoid this confusion.

Aadhira Mohi 3 – Calligraphy, Dialogues and Graphic Design

Graphic Design – 5

The variety and richness in graphic design in Aadhira Mohi 3 is something that makes it special. It deserves as much appreciation as its story and illustrations deserves. The graphic designing of this book separates it and places much above then rest of the Indian comic publications nowadays.

Calligraphy and Dialogues – 5

The calligraphy and dialogues have no issues. For your information, hindi translation has some   noticeable mistakes.

Aadhira Mohi 3 Inside ART – 10

The pencilling and colouring of Aadhira Mohi 3 has improved over its part 2. Each panel and picture are beautifully made and sets the pitch of the story very well. The portrayal of facial expressions and sequential art, in particular, are astonishing.

Aadhira Mohi 3 Cover – 9

Aadhira Mohi 3 cover is made by Deepjay Subba and Aditya Kishore. Pancho Daketo has been given place in Hindi cover. The portrayal is very good but the cover lacks Adhira Mohi, although this story is also needed, so it cannot be seen from a negative perspective. But still we feel that there is a lack of novelty in the cover.

Aadhira Mohi 3 – Team Members

  • Author – Ashwin Kalmane
  • Pencilling and Colors – Emilio Utrera
  • Graphic Design – Gaurav Gangele
  • Cover – Marco Bernardino
  • Editor – Ravi Raj Ahuja
  • Special Thanks – Sudeep Menon
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Adhira Mohi 3 – product Information

  • Total Pages – 36
  • Available in languages – Hindi, English
  • Price – 199
  • Paper – Glossy
  • Cover – Paperback

Aadhira Mohi 3 – Where to Buy

You can buy Aadhira Mohi 3 and all other comics from the official website of Bullseyepress website and along with almost through all other popular distributors such as COMICSADDA.COM and UMACART.COM.

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Aadhira Mohi 3 Review by Comic Scoop
  • 10/10
    Story - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Calligraphy, Dialogues and Graphic Design - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Inside Art - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Cover - 9/10

Summary - Aadhira Mohi 3

The story of Aadhira Mohi 3 revolves around a small group of 5 people who enters the Bijay Bank to rob it. However they were unaware of the nightmare that waits for them inside. From here you witness a bloody game as something starts hunting all the dacoits one by one.

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4 thoughts on “Aadhira mohi 3 – review, rating and inside pictures

  1. Mujhe kuchh din pehle hi mili thi Adhura Mohi ke 3 issues , aapne sahi kaha tha bohot badhiya story hai , iss type ka artwork kabhi dekha nahi hai par padhte padhte aadat ho jati hai.

    Its really a great story. Aapke Review ko dekhne ke baad hi order karwai thi maine, thanks for the review 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Issue 2 is not a masterpiece for me. It have many problems from lack on story telling (the topic they chose have so much potential in it), character development,
    several time jumps in past and present without mentioning to the readers ,villain has no potential in him, characters struggle does not appear, biggest problem is that the comic panels changes suddenly into a different situation and reader get confused what is actually happening ??

    But Issue 3, Sounds good from your perspective….dekhte h y kaisa rhega.

    1. Story 5/5(ekk baar mein ye story samaz nahi aayagi,maine khud 2 baar story read ki tab jaa kar dots connect ho paye)
      Story is simple…5 bank lutere…bank lutne aate hai..sabki majboori hai bank lut na…sab ko paiso ki zaroorat hai…par un logo k sath kuch paranormal activities ho rahi hai,ekk monster unhe hunt kar raha hai… mere baato se ye simple se story lag rahi hogi aap logo ko,Right?
      Ji par yahi twist hai… aakhir tak aate aate aap log shock ho jayege…ye kya ho gaya… unexpected
      Artwork 3.5/5
      Art style 3no parts ka same style hai…not a fan of this kind of art…par accha hi hai art…not bad..not good
      Price 199
      Price is very reasonable…as compared to how good is the book,also 5 stickers free diye jaa rahe hai
      Comicsadda and umacart par 10% discount bhi milaga aap logo ko
      Der kis baat ki…chil do santra

  3. It’s fun and interesting, and the best part is…. To get the full enjoyment out of this issue, you at least gotta read it twice (that’s a typical Ashwin Kalmane thing, inke comics pehli baar padh ke utna maza nahi ata, but dusri baar…Voila!) And as the name suggests, there are Dacoits, demons, dreadful things and of course Adhira and Mohi. My only complaint is that, these issues are getting less about Adhira and Mohi and more about side stories with each new issue that’s coming out, the focus shift is very evident and unwanted, may be Ashwin has a bigger scheme for the upcoming issues and he’s building up for it… Let’s see…

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