Aghori Origins – No Spoiler Review, Ratings, Inside Pictures

Aghori Origins – No Spoiler Review, Ratings, Inside Pictures

Do you know that Aghori is the first flagship character of Holy Cow Entertainment? The first issue of Aghori origins launched on first-ever comic con India held in Bengaluru in 2012.

Introduction or Sneak Peek to Aghori Origins:

The Aghori is in a supernatural horror dark fantasy genre.

Vikram Roy or Vira is an ordinary guy turned into an aghori because of some circumstances. His journey takes us to the dark universe where he fights evil and demons to seek answers and to save someone close to him. Moreover, the world is on a verge of apocalypse. The choices that Aghori must make will make him a superhero when he was on a route to revenge.

Spoiler Free Aghori Origins Review:

The story is written by Ram V and illustrated by Vivel Goel and Gaurav Srivastav.

The story and the scenes grip the reader and I bet you will not put yourself in to rest until you read all the issues from the Aghori Origins. And when the you finish you end up asking for more. The artwork is awesome, and some panels are feast for the eyes!

I was excited when I ordered the series and it ended above my expectations.

The story is so intriguing that it would have been difficult for me if I had to wait for the origin story to unrevealed if I started reading it back in 2012.

I have read a very few dark or horror genre in comics books. But I feel every reader going to feel for the Vira as this could be the most shocking introduction to a comic character in Indian history at least.

The Aghori origins tells you Vira’s story of how and why he become Aghori. The transformation of Vira into Aghori is shown beautifully over the course of the story without stretching it.

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With each opponent aghori seem more powerful than ever. I am thrilled with his development and more excited to see how big role he will play in the upcoming crossover “operation decay” of HC.

Some Interesting Facts of Aghori in Indian Comics:

In 2012, when Holy Cow Entertainment released a couple of teasers before publishing first issue of Aghori series, Raj comics also announced its own Aghori series and that is just a couple of weeks after Holy Cow. Holy Cow entertainment also released a teaser later that year with a trademark right on aghori.

Raj comics tried to bring comics on aghori among Indian fans in 2007 but they dropped the idea because they already had many plans in the process.

It was informed during the initial publications that the writer of the book, Ram V has met many Aghori’s on the bank of Ganga river to deliver a story that can give readers a 100% desi feel. The long conversations with them helped him to understand lifestyle and hurdles one has to pass in order to become an aghori.

Here is the breakdown:

Aghori Origins – The story, its Impact, Grip, and Concept – 10

A story cannot win hearts without it being told beautifully. Ram Venkatesan has shown different colors of his writing skills in the Aghori origins. Where with the book one, we get sympathetic with Vira within first few pages, the book two brings fight within Vira’s dream and imagination. Where with the book three, we saw a few more characters without feeling disconnected with the story, book four gives you a perfect ending with a beginning of a new journey. There is no single frame or panel where I thought that I should take a break. I wanted to binge read the origins and I did it without forcing myself.

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The story was impactful, gripping, and you feel very satisfied in the end.

The concept is original and refreshing. You can feel and justify why Vira become aghori. The character development never felt stretched nor they look in hurry to make him a superhero.

Aghori origins – Cover Page – 10

There are total 8 issues which are combined into 4 books now. Therefore, we have 4 cover art to rate. All 4 covers are great but one that standout above all books in the series is from book 4 – finale. In this cover, aghori has opened his third eye which looks so devastating as well as cool at the same time. The cover excited a reader going into the finale. My second favorite is cover art from book 2 where the aghori along with his friends has been seen fighting with the zombies. I will give cover art 10 out of 10 because there are very few comic publishers who work so well for the covert itself.

Aghori Origins – Dialogue AND lETTERS – 10

Dialogues are fine. I could not complain so no point of deducting any score.

Aghori origins – Inside Art – 10

If I could have given more, I would have happily done so. Even a perfect score of 10 is less for the inside art. There are only a few publishers in the Indian comic industry who can provide the same quality of inside art as of cover art right now. The inside art is illustrated by Vivek Goel and Gaurav Shrivastav.

Aghori origins Verdict:

Aghori Origins is a gem in Indian comic industry that can outmatch various international standards as well. The way aghori origins have been told; I can easily count it as among the top 3 Indian superhero origin stories. This is a must-buy comic book series that will not disappoint you.

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aghori – Product Information:

  • Pages are Glossy
  • Aghori Book 1, 2, and 3 have 54 pages each.
  • Aghori Book 4 has 88 pages.

Binding is good. No wear and tear after 2 readings and 4 or 5 quick go through.

Where to Buy Aghori Origins?

Your fastest option to get your hands on Aghori origins is amazon. The comic is available in paperback only. You can buy it from Amazon by going here  👉  Holy Cow Entertainment Aghori – Origins (Complete Set of 4),

For your cheapest options visit Comics Adda or HCE official website. At the time of writing, HCE was offering a 25% discount on all comics released so far.

Aghori Origins Review by Comic Scoop
  • 10/10
    Story - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogues - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Artwork and Coloring - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Graphic Design and Letters - 10/10

Summary - Aghori Origins

Vikram Roy or Vira is an ordinary guy turned into an Aghori because of some circumstances. His journey takes us to the dark universe where he fights evil and demons to seek answers and to save someone close to him. Moreover, the world is on a verge of an apocalypse.

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