Astroman – Carrier of Seeds  – Spoiler Free REview, Ratings and Verdict
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Astroman – Carrier of Seeds – Spoiler Free REview, Ratings and Verdict

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Astroman is a new entrant in the superhero genre but like never seen before in Indian comics. Volume one is called the carrier of seeds is available on Amazon and right now.

Astroman is written by Rahul K, a professional storyteller, Novelist. He is a huge fan of the superhero genre since childhood. Rahul was looking for the best medium to tell his superhero story since 2014 and he chose comic books at last.

The main protagonist, Elvis is a fighter pilot turned astronaut who is chosen along with a team and his close friend for manned mars mission. But the mission does not go as intended as it needs to be aborted before reaching mars. An electronic malfunction in the spacecraft forced every crew member to escape back to earth in emergency capsules except Elvis. Elvis was last to escape as he wanted to assure the safe escape of his teammates and by the time, he enters his capsule, a second explosion happens. This explosion made him lost his consciousness and his uncontrolled capsule was lost in the universe for a long until when a wormhole appeared and took his capsule inside.

The rest of the story tells us that the main protagonist has become a superhero. But the question is how he become so? And what are his powers? Where did the wormhole come from? And did he ever return to earth again? Astroman is an ambitious project that may take a couple of more issues to complete the first arc of the story. The ending left you with a note that something big is coming and it is hard to guess what it could be. While reading, it felt like we’re watching a Hollywood science fiction movie. There are some flaws that we have pointed out below.

Astroman carrier of seeds – Story – 8

The story of Astroman volume 1 is incomplete and it has just started thus it would be too early to make judgments. Yet, we must rate the story of the first volume, and we give it 8. Science fiction is a genre that is being explored for a very long time in Hollywood. So we already know things like a wormhole, space shuttle, Mars manned mission preparation, failure, and so on. Volume 1 started just like those space exploration-based movies. But we got the glimpse that what is yet to come is going to separate Astroman from the sci-fiction stories we have seen so far. We give it 8 because volume 1 has very little to offer anything different than we have already watched. But you enjoy every part of the book throughout your read.

The basic concept of the story is how an astronaut turns into a superhero because of some unwanted circumstances. The concept is new to the Indian comic industry, but we can find similar examples in DC and Marvel. Hal Jordan aka green lantern, carol Danvers aka captain marvel, and fantastic four are some of the superheroes who were either Eliot pilots or astronauts. Yet they are unique in some way. We can say Astroman is the first Eliot pilot turned superhero in Indian comics. For the concept, we give it 9.

The grip of the story was flawless except for the ending. In the last couple of pages, it seemed like the story was forced to complete. Thus, we give it 8.

The impact of the comic was average for a hardcore science fiction fan like us. We were able to relate many scenes with different movies moreover the hurry to finish volume 1 at the end didn’t go well for us. For the impact, we give it 7.

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Astroman – Carrier of Seeds – Dialogues and Lettering – 6

Dialogues are simple and understandable. There is no use of jargon words or difficult English words that might go above the head for the readers who do not follow science fiction generally. For dialogues, we give it 5

Lettering and graphic design is done by Kishan Harchandani. There is a noticeable problem with the lettering. In some panels, you know the lettering sequence is not right. It means you end up reading some sentences before than the one you should read first. It confuses you and affects the grip of the story. Lettering is a kind of injustice to the story and art of the comic book. One example is shown above in the image. We give it 1.

Astroman – Carrier of Seeds – Covert Art – 8

Astroman cover art is illustrated by Vivek Goel and colored by Naval Thanavala. We already know Vivek Goel for his astonishing work and as CEO of holy cow entertainment. The cover is good but not the best work from him. The shape of the Astroman seems disoriented from a couple of places. We give it 8 only because we love Vivek Goel’s artwork but this one was not up to the mark he has set for himself.

Astroman – Carrier of Seeds – Inside Art – 10

Inside art in Astroman is illustrated by Gaurav Shrivastava and colored by Naval Thanavala. Gaurav Srivastava is the guy who could have done justice with the art of the story and he did it magnificently. The inside art is the best part of Astroman and Naval Srivastav is equally applaudable for his work. We know about Naval Thanavala very less, but he has worked as a professional in the comic book.

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Astroman – Carrier of Seeds – Product Information

  • Pages – 36
  • Paper type – Glossy
  • Cover – Paperback
  • Language – English
  • Size – 19.05 x 27.94 cm

WHERE TO BUY Astroman?

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Video Review – Astroman

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Summary - Astroman - Carrier of Seeds

Astroman is a new entrant in the superhero genre but like never seen before in Indian comics. It is an ambitious project that may take a couple of more issues to complete the first arc of the story. The ending leaves you with a promise that something big is coming and it is hard to guess what it could be. While reading, it felt like am watching a Hollywood science fiction movie. There are some flaws in various aspects of the comic book but that didn’t take away much from the story and the artwork inside. We recommend it!

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