Bonabyl by Manek D’ Silva – Spoiler Free REview, Ratings and verdict
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Bonabyl by Manek D’ Silva – Spoiler Free REview, Ratings and verdict

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Bonabyl Synopsis

Bonabyl is an education academy unlike the rest focuses on providing the finest educational experience to its students. If you have seen or read harry potter; that is pretty sure for almost everyone, you can compare Bonabyl with Hogwarts school of witchcraft and magic. Yet, we have not seen any magic yet but there are monsters, vampires, and unexplained creatures living beneath the academy.

Bonabyl is a scary and mysterious adventure comic book that also giggles you from time to time. The central characters of the comic book are Miro and Vick, who are best friends and partners in crime. The bonding between these two is so relatable when you think about your friends. The story follows a blind boy, Miro, and his friend who reveals one of the terrifying mysteries inside their school. The consequences turn from funny to scary; to a mishappening that will squeeze your heart at the end. The story is incomplete, but the experience pays off every penny you spent on this vibrant storytelling book. To find out more, you have to buy Bonabyl by Manek D’ Silva.

Bonabyl’s Story – 9.5

The story takes place in Bonabyl, one of the finest educational academies built on the ruins of Adam’s empire. Bonabyl is known for its unique teaching methods that can extract rare genius from the students it is least expected from. The story of the Bonabyl is so relatable that it will take you back to your childhood when we were used to thinking and connect everything around us with suspicion and fear. The writer has done a commendable job in explaining and illustrating the sense and meaning of fear that it sets the stage for the story so perfectly. The Bonabyl gives you a story that you deserve. That is why it deserves 10. The pace of the story remains steady for the one-fourth part and it is only the last few pages where we could not connect with the extra characters introduced at the end. We give 9 for the pace of the story. The concept of the story looks inspired by the very famous harry potter world, but it is actually very different. The writer has worked on the characters in a playful manner before presenting the world they are in. The concept should be given 10. The impact remained a bit short of fantastic at the end. The unexpected happening at the end uplifts the impact again and thus we give it 9.

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Bonabyl’s dialogue and lettering – 9.7

Bonabyl’s writing is one of the finest we have read in the last few months. Yet, there are shortcomings too, but they are very few. There are dialogues that stretch the scenes which were not required. We give 9.5 for dialogues and writing.

Bonabyl’s lettering – 10

Bonabyl Cover Art – 7

The illustration for covert art is not as great as the inside art. The best part of the Bonabyl is storytelling through art and that needs more than one illustration to speak.

Bonabyl Inside Art – 10

The Bonabyl is the best 2020 comic book in terms of inside comic book art. The illustration itself tells more than the dialogues. The trait of telling the story through illustration is a difficult one and we haven’t seen it in many big artists as well. Manek has raised the standards of what we should expect in terms of art that create connectivity with the readers.

To check more images of the bonabyl, check preview video of the comic book

Bonabyl – Product Information

  • Pages – 88
  • Paper type – Glossy
  • Cover – Paperback
  • Language – English

Bonabyl – Best Place to buy Bonabyl

Bonabyl is only available on amazon. To buy bonabyl now, check Bonabyl: A Spooky Adventure (Graphic Novel Series)

You can also click below image to buy Bonabyl.

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Bonabyl Rating by Comicscoop
  • 9.5/10
    Story - 9.5/10
  • 9.7/10
    Dialogues and Lettering - 9.7/10
  • 7/10
    Cover Art - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Inside Art - 10/10

Summary - Bonabyl

The bonabyl is best 2020 comic book in terms of inside comic book art. The trait of telling the story through illustration is a difficult one and we haven’t seen it in many big artists as well. Manek has raised the standards of what we should expect in terms of art that create connectivity with the readers.

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