India Dreams by Om Book International – Review and Rating

India Dreams by Om Book International – Review and Rating

Story – 6/10


London, December 1944, Emy hates India. 16 years ago, she had lost her parents there. And all of a sudden, the past beckons. Rather accidentally, Emy chances upon the personal diary of her mother Amelia, a resigned young woman, straight out of rigid Victorian England, confronted, through a strange India, with her own sexuality. January 1928. Amelia sets sail with Emy on the first ship to Bombay, to reunite with her husband Thomas, a captain in the army at Khalapur, in Rajasthan. But the reunion leaves much to be desired. But Thomas seems to have changed unless it is Amelia who cannot handle the suffocating heat of the Thar desert. Fortunately, there is Kenneth Lowther, Thomas’s Friend, an atheist philosopher, who tries to explain to Amelia, the disconcert in India, its religion, customs, and the magnificence of its maharajas. The young lady finds it difficult to find her bearings in this new set-up.


The pace of the story is all over the place. It’s inconsistent and fluctuating sometimes, but for most of the part, it’s annoyingly slow. It also feels unnecessarily stretched at times. There’s plenty of room for improving the storytelling. 


The story has an interesting grip. Sometimes, you will feel hooked onto it, and some other times, you’ll be dying to get it over with. It’s moderately gripping, and definitely, not a page-turner. But then again, some revelations and plot twist manages to keep it interesting. But too many significant and insignificant characters keep popping every now and then too and that sometimes feels a bit too distracting. 

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The impact of the plot lies in the fact that the storyline is inspired by the lives of the people mentioned in the book. It’s based on true events. And considering that fact, it’s actually quite impactful and it definitely proves, that sometimes, “TRUTH IS indeed STRANGER THAN FICTION “.

Also, this series deals with some unconventional genres, away from the mainstream comics, and that felt like a refreshing breath of fresh air.

Dialogues – 7/10

The dialogues and narration were good enough, but not up to the mark. It was not crisp and clear. More brevity could have been achieved, and clarity could have been provided. 

Artwork and Coloring – 9.5/10

J. F. Charles is a fantastic artist. He has drawn and colored all 4 parts of this series along with the cover arts, and what a great job he has done. An extremely talented artist with a technique, possibly of watercolor, which is rarely seen in the pages of a comic book these days. His skills reflect in each and every panel of these books. An absolute genius of an artist. His art looks soothing, gorgeous, and has a flow to it. The art is definitely the major plus point of this whole series.

Graphic Design and Letters – 8.5/10

The designing and lettering have been done perfectly. The shape of the narration boxes and speech bubbles, the font of the texts used, etc goes well with the tone of the story. It clicks perfectly and thus; nothing looks out of place.

Team Members – Indian Dreams

  • Writer – Maryse
  • Artist and colorist – J. F. Charles
  • Publisher – Om Books International

Product Information – Indian Dreams

  • Pages – 46-48 each, total 190 pages
  • MRP – ₹295 for each part, ₹1180 for all 4 parts
  • Page type – matte
  • Cover type – paperback
  • Language – English
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Where to Buy From

All 4 books of the series are available on amazon. You can check each one using the given links below:

India Dreams – Misty Trails

India Dreams – There is nothing in Darjeeling

India Dreams – Under the Shadow of the Bougainvilleas

India Dreams – When the monsoon returns

India Dreams by Om Books International
  • 6/10
    Story - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Dialogues - 7/10
  • 9.5/10
    Art and Colors - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Graphic Design and Letters - 8.5/10

Summary - India Dreams

Love is a complicated emotion if not, the most complex emotion of all. The story of Emy searching for answers about her parents, and them out of ordinary extramarital affairs that led to one incident after another that impacted many lives, most of all, hers. A visit to India in her childhood, left young Emy an orphan and with a permanent aversion towards this beautiful country. But years pass, and the twist of fate compels her to come back to India no matter how repulsive this land is to her. And thus begins her quest to solve mysteries about her parents’ disappearances. The very country that left her with scars will now answer her queries and give her the peace of mind she deserves. How will she get to the bottom of the mysteries? Who will help her in her journey and who will stop her from getting closure? Who is a true friend and who are the ones with malicious intent? Who are the ones responsible for the unfortunate events that took place when she last visited India as a child? What was written in the torn pages of her mother’s diary? And a lot more questions are finally answered.

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