MISTRY, P.I. – Review and Ratings

MISTRY, P.I. – Review and Ratings

Mistry, P.I. – STORY – 8.5/10


Darius Mistry a young and bright chap and his friend Amos, who happens to be a big Rocky Golem solve mysteries and crimes which are out of the ordinary and involves things we call paranormal. Thus, the P.I. in the title doesn’t stand for Private Investigator here, instead, it’s short for Paranormal Investigator. This duo fights off the deadly villain Ahrimaan and uses their skills to avert any and every kind of threat Ahrimaan brings on the world while also taking care of smaller paranormal problems as well. The whole plot is divided into 5 chapters, each of which has sort of a complete story on its own, while also building up the final showdown for the conclusive chapter.


The pace in the start was a bit off, but as soon as we move onto the second chapter, and get a hang of the way the plot progresses, this book becomes very difficult to put down. The pace remains quite up-beat, as Darius and Amos solves one issue after another, and all of the cases are quite interesting with a good plot twist and a somewhat satisfying ending at the end of each chapter, but along with it, the main plot develops in the background of the sub-plots as well, tying everything perfectly for the finale. 


The story is quite gripping. You might struggle to get a proper grip at the beginning, but after some time, it will turn into a joy ride. The chapters in the middle are about solving smaller paranormal cases, and as there are a total of 5 chapters, so the 3 chapters in the middle are like 3 one-shots and the first and last chapters are more focused on the main storyline but this main plot also very subtly develops within the 3 sub-plot chapters too. The plot is well thought out, beautifully planned, perfectly woven, and brilliantly executed.

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Well, this was a fun read. The writer has an outrageous imagination, and that’s for sure. Demons, black magic, voodoo, teleportation, djinns, mummies, werewolves, vampires, magical creatures, giant monsters, gigantic monsters, demi-gods and so on, and yeah, ofcourse, our friendly Golem with a medical condition that makes his skin rock hard, but on the inside his heart is warm and soft like a freshly baked marshmallow. There’s nothing very serious about the whole plot, so don’t expect an everlasting impact from it. It’s just a very enjoyable read. The bromance between Darius and Amos, the interesting side characters, like Andaaz (a wish fulfilling Djinn, who also happens to be Darius’s love interest), Commissioner Kishorilal, Renna etc will immerse you in the world of Darius and Amos where PARANORMAL is NORMAL. Moreover, the ending tied the strings pretty well, and it felt justified and satisfying and nailing an ending is a difficult job which has been performed effortlessly in Mistry, P.I.

Mistry, P.I. – DIALOGUES – 8/10

Dialogues were short and crisp for the most part, filled with quick quips and wicked dark humour. The conversations were engaging. A couple of chapters in the beginning had too much conversations going on, which was a slow burn, but everything went uphill after that. 

Mistry, P.I. – ART & COLORS – 8/10

The art is quite stylish and unique. It was consistent throughout. But this art style is very different from mainstream comic book artworks, and this, might not click well with everyone. The coloring is also a tad bit dull. But somehow, if went well with the story and you will get used to it. 

Mistry, P.I. – GRAPHIC DESIGN & LETTERS – 7.5/10

There was nothing out of ordinary or PARANORMAL about the lettering and graphic designing of Mistry, P.I. . It’s mostly plain and simple like any decent comic book. Nothing extraordinary about the fonts, speech-bubbles or narration boxes. There definitely was some room for more creativity here. 

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  • Writer – Ashwin Pande
  • Artist – Arjuna Susini
  • Letterer – Aditya Bidikar
  • Editor – Sharad Devarajan
  • Print Production – Nilesh S. Mahadik
  • Production Manager – Arun Roshan Jacob

Mistry, P.I. – DETAILS

  • Cover – Paperback
  • Pages – Glossy
  • Number of pages – 152
  • MRP – 595
  • Language – English

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Mistry, P.I. Review
  • 8.5/10
    Story - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogues - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Art and Colors - 8/10
  • 7.5/10
    Graphic Design and Letters - 7.5/10

Summary - Mistry, P.I.

There are things that exist in the shadows that ordinary people know nothing of another world that lies underneath our very own world of demons, monsters, djinns, mummies, werewolves, vampires, and demi-gods. It’s in this world that Darius Mistry and his friend, Amos Golem, operate as Paranormal Investigators for hire. Whether it’s being hired by ghosts to solve their own murders, breaking up rings of soul-smugglers, or saving the city from an outbreak of lycanthropy – these detectives are always on the case!

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