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The volume 2 in Operation Decay introduces us to our new hero in holy cow universe, O’Kari. O’Kari is a healing god who has announced his retirement thousands of years ago and now lives a normal life as a truck driver.  But the time has come again for him to take the mantle of a god again and save the world as he used to do. But what forces him to do so? Find out in operation Decay 2.

If you do not know let us tell you that the operation decay is a company wide crossover and the volume 2 in this series also unites O’kari with Ayudh. Ayudh was also introduced for the first time in the volume 1 of the series. To read review of Operation Decay Vol 1: Ayudh, Go here.


Whoever know Ashwin Kalamane, know this as well that he has his own style of writing. He is a mastermind of current Indian comics world who can make a simple story extraordinary with his skills.  Okari is no different. It follows the same pattern where readers keep asking questions and finding missing dots half the way. But once they do, it will give you immense pleasure and sense of satisfaction.

Our favourite part was the backstory of a rakshas agrajasur. We really enjoyed this part as it helped us to connect with the story more. This is also the first time when you start getting idea of the things happening since the beginning.


Okari is an origin story and thus the subject was not too complicated or complex. He is god who was running from his duties for very long period, but some circumstances made him to leave behind his stubbornness. Though he said at the end, he is god again just to accomplish the task at hands. For subject we will give it 8.

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The pace of the story is perfect. It never bores you and keeps a reader glued to find out all the answers till the end. For pace of the story, we give it 10.


Over complicated scenes first quarter of the story still made us think if it was required or not. There are 4 or 5 frequent jumps in the story timeline that boggled our mind like who is where and what happened when. We really gone through those page 3 or 4 times and still believe either there is some error of calculating days between the happenings or it is too much to handle by our novice minds. The story takes time for smooth running. We give it 6.


The overall impact of the story was good. A lot of characters were introduced throughout and some of them are surely going to play a major role in the ultimate showdown. We are not talking about Okari and Ayudh here. Yes, there are more. For the confusing part, we deduct 2 marks. We give the impact 8.

Dialogues – 8

Dialogues were good for most of the part. We can quickly pick several parts from the book that made the scenes more impactful. But the highlight throughout the book was the story of Agrajasur and dialogues played their role very well in it.  

We felt a few mistakes notably during O’Kari and Swara’s conversation. And during the confrontation between Murthy and Ayudh. Minus 2 for that.

Artwork and Coloring – 9.6

Covers – 9

The Operation Decay 2 is available in 2 variant covers like the predecessor. Personally, we liked the cover showcasing Okari on full page. The other one showed no sense of freshness as we saw this type of cover in operation decay 1 as well.

  • Standard Cover – 8
  • Limited Edition Cover – 10
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Line Art – 10

Lead by Tadam Gyadu, there are three more artists who have worked in this comic book. The first one is Vivel Goel, who has done his part very well in showcasing the conversation of O’kari and his father in best manner. The second artist is Korak Bhowmik who made a grand entry as he is already getting huge praise not only from the readers but from the creatives as well. And the third one is Gaurav Shrivastav who don’t need even introduction now. Everybody knows how good he is.

No! we didn’t forgot Tadam Gyadu. We are seeing Tadam’s work for almost a half a decade now. This is his by far the best work in our opinion. With the operation decay 2, Tadam has announced that he is next big thing of the Indian comic industry. See it this way, we couldn’t figured out difference in the artwork of Gaurav Shrivastav and Tadam Gyadu this time which was visible till now. All the best, Tadam Gyadu. We are Glad that Holy Cow and Vivek Goel has introduced you to us.

Coloring – 10

Coloring is done by Prasad pattnaik and Korak Bhowmik. It is one of the strongest part of the holy cow entertainment so far and all the credit goes Prasad Pattnaik for maintaining it for so many years.

Graphic Design and Lettering – 10

Holy Cow is setting an example in designing covers, credits, and introduction pages. It feels like you are holding premium editions in your hand. Full marks here

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Letters were perfectly placed.

Team Members

  • Story and Script – Ashwin Kalmane
  • Pencil and Ink – Tadam Gyadu, Vivek Goel, Gaurav Shirvastav and Korak Bhowmik
  • Colour Art – Prasad Patnaik and Korak Bhowmik
  • Letters – Mandaar Gangele
  • Graphic design – Kishan Harchandani
  • CEO and Art Director – Vivek Goel
  • Publisher – Parmodini Goel
  • Okari Created by Vivek Goel

Product Information

  • Pages – 100
  • Paper type – Glossy
  • Cover – Paperback
  • Language – English
  • MRP – 699 (Standard Cover), 799 (Variant Cover)

Where to Buy – Operation Decay Volume 2

Operation Decay can be bought from its official website at discounted price. You can also buy it from comicsadda.com.

Operation Decay 2 - O'Kari Review
  • 8/10
    Story - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogues - 8/10
  • 9.6/10
    Artwork and Coloring - 9.6/10
  • 10/10
    Graphic Design and Letters - 10/10


O’Kari is a healing god who has announced his retirement thousands of years ago and now lives a normal life as a truck driver.  But the time has come again for him to take the mantle of a god again and save the world as he used to do. But what forces him to do so? Find out in operation Decay 2.

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