Outrage by Indusverse – No Spoiler Review and Rating
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Outrage by Indusverse – No Spoiler Review and Rating

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The outrage is issue #2 of Indusverse year zero. You can read a spoiler free review of the beginning which is issue #1 of the Indusverse year zero as well. The whole Indusverse year zero series concept is to introduce its first line of superheroes. Alike #the beginning, outrage is also an origin story of a superhero which is more interesting than the #thebeginning according to me.

Indusverse comics review - outrage

It kind of amazed us how #thebeginning won for the best writing not the #outrage. Let me remind you “the beginning” and “stunt”, both have won multiple awards in comic con India awards 2020. Stunt was 2nd runner up for best covers while the beginning was 2nd runner up for best graphic novel/ comic book.  The beginning won silver for best writer.

Outrage is written by Arunabh Kumar who is also a founding partner and CEO of the Indusverse. Other Artists involved:

The main protagonist is Satya who works for an agency to create fake news and viral videos. The story gives glimpse of the bitter truth of social media world where any news can go viral in seconds. It does not matter if the sources are right or wrong, people blindly start passing judgment by just seeing some news over TV channel or social media post.

Outrage has four chapters, out of which chapter 1 makes me sick seeing what is actually true about the modern world. Everybody nowadays is more concerned about their social representation; nobody is interested in living life practically. Everyone seeks for online recognition and thinks that getting views and subscribers would be the greatest achievement they could get from their life.

To beat the competition and to reach newer heights, people have become heartless. Heartless because they do not care even if their content can destroy or affect life of someone whom it may concern. Satya was one of those guys who did not know how his fake news video production can affect someone’s life until the day when tragic incident changed his life forever. He has to lose someone very dear to him because of a fake news spread. He himself had not survived if Dr Das hadn’t treated him. Dr Das, who had to do try his experiment on Satya to give him chance to survive.  To learn more about Satya and how he become superhero, you must read it. We can say that this is a perfect origin story of a superhero. We are very happy after reading outrage as we were bit disappointed with the first part of the Indusverse origin series.

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Outrage – Story, its Impact, Grip, and Concept – 9

The outrage story is way better than the first part. As we said if the winner for the best writer should have been picked from one of the first 2 issues, it should have been the outrage.

Though the story takes time to pick up the pace and lure interest. It irritated us to see the fake subscriber and views talk over the first chapter which is 18 pages long. However, it was important to focus on the influence of youtube and tiktok views on the society as it lead Satya, the main protagonist to his destiny.

One and the only weakest point of the story is its use of whatsapp language. As we said in my previous review of the beginning, the use of hinglish made it difficult to read which makes it hard to get connected with the soul of the story. The story could have been more impactful if they have used hindi fonts for hindi dialogues and English for English dialogues.

For an instance, one might think reading WhatsApp language should not be a concern as we make use of it on our day to day life. What you might not realize that this is not a standard language. Everyone types same word in different ways. Let me give you an example; How would you read the word “pukkka”? It was पुक्का for me and that’s how an English to hindi editor converts it too. But in the dialogue, it meant पक्का.

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The outrage lives up to the hype and could be the best comic out of first two issues for the most readers. It could have been perfect. We are very hopeful with the future of Indusverse now.

  • The story is 10.
  • The impact is 10
  • The grip is 8
  • The concept is 8.

My total score for the story, its Impact, Grip, and Concept is 9.

Outrage – Cover page – 9

The cover page art looks good however it does not give you clear image of what you can expect from the story. The art shows a boy in grief and someone or he himself in his superhero avatar? The art and character detailing is top notch but the cover doesn’t tell you much. We give it 9.

Outrage – Dialogue and Lettering – 9

The dialogues are okay. There are some impactful dialogues in the second half. The lettering is good. The only negative is the hinglish language. We give it 9.

Outrage – Inside Art – 9

The inside art is average, good, and extraordinary in parts. I give it 9 which is equal to #thebeginning because Hemant Kumar has done a commendable job in penciling the most important scene of the comic. The tragedy or the event that changed the life of Satya. The fate that made Satya, a superhero was done so perfectly. It is something that was missing with #thebeginning. We expected a master stroke from Hemant Kumar, and he did it magnificently.

  • Pencil by Hemant Kumar
  • Colors by Prashad Patnaik and Abhishek Singh

Some More Inside Art Pictures from Outrage

Outrage – Product Information

  • Pages count – Story 72 pages, Other pages – 16
  • Outrage is available in paperback only and inner pages are glossy.
  • Binding and paper quality are very good.
  • These comics can be bought through Amazon but currently they are out of stock there. They could have been bought separately from amazon but now your only option is to buy all these 3 in a combined slip case.
  • You can order anytime from www.indusverse.com
  • You can also buy Indusverse boxset from Fiction Comics Website as well.

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  • 9/10
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  • 9/10
    Cover Art - 9/10

Outrage Summary

The outrage is issue #2 of Indusverse year zero. The Indusverse year zero series concept introduces us to its first line of superheroes. Alike #the beginning, outrage is also an origin story of a superhero which is more interesting than the #thebeginning.

Outrage will hype you for the next issues of the Indusverse. The experimentation with the writing continued but one less language to bother about made it a bit easy reading this time.

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