Rakshak – A Hero Among us – Review, Rating, Pictures and Verdict

Rakshak – A Hero Among us – Review, Rating, Pictures and Verdict

Rakshak is soon going to be our first comic book superhero chosen for the silver screen. The fate of the superhero going into the hands of Sanjay Gupta. He has already given us super hits such as “Shootout at Lokhandwala”, “Kaante” and the most recent “Kaabil”. Isn’t that awesome?

Rakshak – synopsis

When we read this news for the first time, we were excited as well as afraid as superhero movies were not received well recently. Naming the few such movies are “A Flying Jatt” and “Bhavesh Joshi” and some more that didn’t even catch enough limelight. While “A flying Jatt” was more like a PG 13 movie, Bhavesh Joshi was for a more mature audience. Yet, there was not much difference in the fate of both movies.

Rakshak is still in its initial phase and it may take a year or two to complete. But what we’re sure about after reading the Rakshak series is that this movie can change the fate of Indian cinema. Lets find out the positives of the movie that backs our thought.

1. If you have seen Sanjay gupta’s last movie Kaabil, you know how brilliant is the it’s direction. A blind guy taking revenge of his wife; a victim of rape and brutal murder who was blind as well.

2. The story suits the kind of environment we already have seen in the movie Kaabil. Its about murder, revenge and a lots more than that. We can’t spoil much of Rakshak’s story for you but let us tell you one thing; it makes you cry, it keeps you at edge of seat, it is a whole roller coaster rider.

3. John Abraham suits more than 100% of the role of the main character. Do you know that John Abraham is man to go for Sanjay Gupta as he has always given him first priority for leading role? Moreover, after reading the whole Rakshak story, you will admit that there is no better candidate for the role than John Abraham. We have already seen him playing the avatar of a police officer and raw agent in more than half a dozen movies recently. He has made his image as a patriot with these movies and Rakshak will get the benefit of all these prior movies.

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Lots of chit chat! Lets start with the Rakshak Review!

Aditya Shergill is an ex-army officer who lost his arm at the very beginning of the story. He is brave and strong. He has been in the shadows for years since he got injured and now trying to live life like a common man. But the destiny has written something else for him. Something that will change his fate.

The story picked the pace when a terrible incident happens which forced him to take the law into his own hands. He makes a couple of friends and acquaintances in his journey and become the protector of the city. This is unlike any other superhero story I have read from Indian comics. These acquaintances help him in his fight for justice and provide him all the necessities required to become more than a common man.

The issue 1 is an origin story of Aditya Shergill which never loses its grip.

Issue 2 continues his fight against the crime but introduces a new character who joins him in the fight. Here is a very interesting verse that I liked the most when the new guy said he wants to be a part of rakshak but he will work more like a batman – batman, not batman – robin 😀 HAHA I loved that.

Issue 3 in the Rakshak is a collective story of 3 characters that are important next to the leading heroes. Knowing these characters is important before starting with the finale of rakshak 1.0. After the peak of excitement, action, and story in issue 2 you feel like you have to rush through this in the beginning but you start liking the new characters when you start knowing them. There are 4 stories in issue 3: Super Saina, Hammer Pandey, Pondus, and Rakshak 2.0. Rakshak 2.0 is where the main storyline resumes after the events of issue 2. From here it is the origin of the duo squad – Aditya Shergill and Manav Khurana.

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Issue 4 is the best part of the all issues as expected from a series finale. There is a lot that happened in this final issue which is spanned across 85 pages. Damn! You are gonna’ love it.

Here are some lovely images taken from the series:

Here is the ratings breakdown:

The story, its Impact, Grip, and Concept – 10

The story is the strongest part of the series. We cannot take a single point off it. It was gripping all along. It is a difficult task to make a gripping story when the reader doesn’t even have any previous connection to the characters. The story and script are written by the pillar of Yali Dream Creations, “Shamik Dasgupta”. This is the first time we read something from him and we must say he knows how to write a perfect script.

Cover page – 8

First 2 covers are excellent while last 2 issues are not that great. Issue 4 front cover is made by Fritz Fulo Cases who is from the Philippines.

Dialogue – 10

The dialogues are simple that make it an easy read for a non native person as well. We didn’t have to look for word meaning over the internet for it. There were a couple of dialogues that actually made me giggle, warmed my eyes, and injected josh in me.

Inside Art – 8

The art inside is not as good as the cover page but there are few frames where it is. Yet, it is not like something to get disappointed about. Note that the art improved a lot from the first issue to the fourth. Pramit Santra has illustrated the first 2 and the fourth issue while Tadam Gyadu and Gaurav Shrivastav has illustrated the third one. The art is colored by Prasad Patnaik.

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Rakshak is a must-read comic book to get hyped for the first comic-based superhero movie in India. Although the Rakshak is among us for a couple of years, it is just this month most of us started knowing he exists. That is such a shame that comics such as Rakshak and the publishers such as Yali Dream go unnoticed by the young India who loves superheroes arguably more than anyone in the world.

Product Information

  • All four parts are paperback and the inner pages are glossy. You can buy separate as well as a combo of all 4 issues on amazon.in. You can also buy these on yali dream official website as well.
  • Issue 1 and 2 have 72 pages each, issue 3 has 120 pages and issue 4 has 84 pages.
  • According to the latest news, Rakshak 2.0 will be available soon.
  • You can get all 4 issues hassle free by clicking the below link:

Where to Buy Rakshak Series?

Your cheapest option and fastest mean to buy complete Rakshak boxset is amazon. Go Here! This is best deal! 👉  RAKSHAK (Complete Series Combo) – Rakshak, Rakshak 2, Rakshak 3, Rakshak 4

OR Click Image Below 👇

Rakshak Volume 1 Review
  • 10/10
    Story - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Inside Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Covert Art - 8/10

Rakshak - A Hero Among Us - Summary

Rakshak is a must-read comic book to get hyped for the first comic-based superhero movie in India. Although the Rakshak is among us for a couple of years, it is just 2020 when most of us started knowing he exists. That is such a shame that comics such as Rakshak and the publishers such as Yali Dream go unnoticed by the young India who loves superheroes arguably more than anyone in the world

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  1. Every thing except the base of its story is good .story is not good as its like common Bollywood action movie .

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