Rama’s Ring – Review, Rating and Verdict
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Rama’s Ring – Review, Rating and Verdict

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Rama’s Ring Synopsis

Rama’s ring is again a collection of stories unlike the title of the comic book which only promotes one of the 9 stories in the book. We came to know about Rama’s ring when it won runner up position in best cover for an Indian comic in comic con India awards 2020. Yet, it is not the cover that got our attention but the comic book title. The Rama’s ring is one of the stories that is famous more among the young generation as the story brings many questions and assumptions to the table. The story excites young minds about the existence of many dimensions’ theory related to scientific theories.

Rama’s ring consists of 9 less-known stories; 5 from Ramayana and 4 from the Mahabharata. Rama’s ring only illustrates what we already know which left us with a bitter taste, but the other lesser-known stories are worth reading. The book includes stories from different popular versions of Ramayana and Mahabharata. If you are not rigid about what you already know, you will love reading them. These stories are jaatak kathaeyin that may or may not be true, but they are what people from different cultures and religious groups believe.

Except for 9 stories, the book also improves your knowledge about the popular versions of Ramayana and its scholars. Rama’s ring also teaches about various art forms performed across India and convey the essence of Ramayana and Mahabharta. Some of the art forms explained in Rama’s ring are Tholpaavakoothu, Therukoothu, Bhari gan, Tharu Barka Naach, Paandavani, and Pandav Nritya.

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Rama’s Ring Story – 7

The 9 stories in the book are:

Rama’s Ring – A story that belongs to oral folklore of Central India

  • Writer: Sanjana Kapur
  • Art: Durgesh Velhal

Slayer of the Thousand-Headed Ravana – A story taken from the Odiya retelling of Ramayana, written in 15th century by the poet and scholar, Sarala Das.

  • Writer: Sanjana Kapur
  • Art: Durgesh Velhal

Nagpasha – It is a story of divine weapon nagpasha, wielded by Meghanada taken from Kamban’s Ramavataram.

  • Writer: Niranjana Sivaram
  • Art: Durgesh Velhal

Defeating Indrajit – This story is again taken from Kamban’s Ramavataram telling why Lakshmana was ideal man to defeat Indrajit.

  • Writer: Niranjana Sivaram
  • Art: Sanjay Valecha

Saving Lakshmana – The story is popular folklore of central india and is taken from Gond Ramayana. The central character of Gond Ramayana is Lakshmana.

  • Writer: Sanjana Kapur
  • Art: Durgesh Velhal

The Strength of Devotee – This story is most impressive among all. The story is part of folklore from the regions of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

  • Writer: Niranjana Sivaram
  • Art: Durgesh Velhal

Draupadi’s Divinity – This story is taken from Bhil Mahabharata. The story shows us divine and his esteem status of Draupadi among bheel tribe.

  • Writer: Sanjana Kapur
  • Art: Charbak Dipta

Draupadi’s Protectors – The source of the story is Oral Tamil folklore.

  • Writer: Niranjana Sivaram
  • Art: Rajib Das

The Five Golden Arrows – This story is also taken from oral folkore.

  • Writer: Niranjana Sivaram
  • Art: Sundarlal

As the stories are written and illustrated by different artists, my experience varied a lot. Alike Shakti, we felt some stories are illustrated without trying to work on the presentation. The weakest storylines are defeating Indrajit and saving Lakshmana. The story that disappointed us most is Rama’s ring as it is a well-known story and ACK has not provided anything extra on the matter. The other 6 stories are satisfactory and our favorite one is five golden arrows. Our cumulative score for the story is 6.

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The concept of all ACK stories are always same. They want to publish lesser known stories to ACK readers. Our only complaint is that they did not provide what they promised with the title. We give it 8 for concept.

Grip of stories is okay. The weakest storyline is Saving Lakshmana where we saw crossover of Mahabharata and Ramayana characters. We give it 7.

Our average score for story part is 7.

Rama’s Ring: Dialogues – 6

Dialogues are ordinary and sometimes lifeless. We could not find anything interesting in dialogues. Our score for dialogue is 6.

Rama’s Ring Cover Art – 8

Cover art is good. It is illustrated by Dilip Kadam. We are still not sure how it was rated above so many good covers in comic con 2020. Our score for art is 8.

Rama’s Ring Inside Art – 9

The inside art is Savior for Rama’s Ring. You get different flavor of art from different artists namely, Durgesh Velhal, Rajib Das, Charbak Dipta and Sunderlal. For the variety of art and graphics, we give it 9.

Rama’s Ring: Other Team Members

  • Colorist: Ramesh C., Silambarasan K and Sanjhiya Mayekar
  • Cover Art: Dilip Kadam
  • Layout: Sanjhiya Mayekar and Ketan Pal
  • Art Director: Savio Mascarenhas
  • Deputy Editor: Sanjana Kapur
  • Executive Editor: Reena Ittyerah Puri

Rama’s Ring: Product Information

  • Pages – 80
  • Paper quality – Glossy
  • Cover – Paperback
  • Language – English
  • ISBN-10 : 938895758X
  • Published on 1 January 2019


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Rama’s ring is again a collection of stories unlike the title of the comic book which only promotes one of the 9 stories in the book. We came to know about Rama’s ring when it won runner up position in best cover for an Indian comic in comic con India awards 2020. Yet, it is not the cover that got our attention but the comic book title.

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  1. Amar chitra katha is one of the oldest and most loved publishing house of India. After reading the books the readers comments may vary. Some may like while others may not. But the motive is only to bring various tales from the past for the readers to enjoy which the readers may or may not have known earlier.

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