Ravana: Roar of the Demon King

Ravana: Roar of the Demon King Review

Plot synopsis

The demon-king Ravana, born of a union between the holiest of mortals and a demon princess, has risen from an obscure beginning at a hermitage to conquer not just hell but heaven too. No less than a god to his own people, he is the sheer embodiment of evil to his enemies. This arrogant demon brooks no hindrance to snatching his heart’s desire, and his terror seems unstoppable to gods and humans alike. But he makes a mistake when he abducts the wife of Lord Rama, the exiled divine ruler of Ayodhya.

Ravana is a story of a demon, who dared to challenge the gods, and almost got away with it. Ravana’s tale is one that will incite awe and fear simultaneously. Whose side was this enigma on, good or evil? The obvious answer seems to be but one: his own. Or was he really? This graphic novel seeks to explore that question, and others.

Story: (9/10) 

Note – Minus 1 by the editor and owner of the website as he feels that mythological and historical stories has always have an advantage of well known stories.

If any character in mythology has as many apologists as it has denouncers, it is Ravana. Born of a union between Brahmin intelligence and demonic aggression, Ravana rose from being a mere Raksash to a Godly being. So what was it, that proved to be the downfall of someone as powerful as Ravana? Was it only the desire for a woman? Or was it something more, rooted in the incidents of his life, in the history of his race? 

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Culminating in a massive battle at his island fortress, Ravana’s tale is one that never fails to inspire awe and fear. 

“RRDK is everything good story telling should be. Expansive in scope, notable in its brevity, un-belabored and vivid in its imagery.”–Terrain Seeker


The untold story of Ravana, the antagonist of Ramayana. We have always considered Ravana as the villain, dark and destructive, but is he really just that, or is he more than what just meets the eye? We learn about the good qualities of Ravana, his passion for learning and creation, his skills, leadership qualities and also about the circumstances that compelled him to commit the atrocities that led his eventual downfall. All these has been shown without glorifying him too much or making Lord Rama seem any less. 


If anything, the pacing of the story is perfect. It moves in a linear motion, starting off with the birth of Ravana, his early days, the impact his father Vishrava and grandfather Sumali had on him (both their influences were polarizing but went a long way, towards shaping Dashanan). Then the story proceeds towards how he got his boons, how he became Lankeshwar, his marriage, so on and so forth. There are no jumps in the story. Nothing significant has been skipped and all the important events have been depicted in chronological order. 


The grip of the story is not lost at any point, because this is not merely the retelling of Ramayana, but it’s more about showing those sides of Ramayana which is unknown to most of us. The writer has achieved this goal by putting the focus on Ravana and encircling and spinning the story around him instead of revolving the plot all around Lord Rama. So if you think, this is going to be boring read because you know everything about Ramayana, then trust me, you are up for a pleasant surprise. An immensely gripping mythological tale like never told before. 

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Personally, I felt the story to be so impactful, that I recommend it to everyone till date. This graphic novel has completely changed my perspective once and for all. It has been my best read from Campfire Graphic Novels so far and definitely one my favorite graphic novels of all time. A treat to not only the eyes, but the mind as well. 

Dialogues: (09/10)

Spot-on first person narration by Ravana himself. The story is beautifully told by him, telling us all the major events of his life, from the time even before his birth, to moments after his death. The dialogues, monologues and conversation were all put perfectly and were not overdone or made too lengthy.

Artwork and Coloring: (10/10) 

The art and color has been done by Sachin Nagar. Yes! Both art and and coloring. And it reeks of perfection, even in this field. The visuals are so soothing and surreal, every page feels like a treat to the eyes. Water coloring technique seems to have been used. Smooth texture with a sober color palette has done wonders in this graphic novel. It’s just too beautiful! 

Graphic Design and Lettering: (09/10)

No noticeable errors here. Everything looks decent. No over-the-top distracting graphic designing has been done, and it’s mostly kept simple, yet elegant! 

Creators and Team Members:

  • Author- Abhimanyu Singh Sisodia
  • Artist- Sachin Nagar
  • Colorist- Sachin Nagar
  • Editors- Eman Chowdhary & Aditi Ray
  • Letterer- Ghan Shyam Joshi
  • Cover Artist- Sachin Nagar
  • Designers- Jayakrishnan K.P. & Mukesh Rawat

Product information:

  • Total pages- 100
  • MRP- ₹299/-
  • Page type- Matte Finish
  • Language- English
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Where to buy: Ravana roar of the demon

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Ravana: Roar of the Demon King Review
  • 9/10
    Story - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogues - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Artwork and Coloring - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Graphic Design and Letters - 9/10

Summary - Ravana: Roar of the Demon King

Dashananda, Lankeshwar, Dashagreeva, Dashkandhar, Vaishravan. He’s known by many names. He conquered both heaven and hell, and even the gods bowed to him. He was strong, wise and just, and his subjects never knew hunger or poverty. He authored one of the most powerful books on Hindu astrology, and wrote music that far surpassed even the greatest compositions of his time, on an instrument of his own creation. Yes, he’s the most reviled villain in all Hindu mythology.

How did this come to be? How did one with such obvious talents come to be hated so universally? Listen then, and learn, from the mistakes of a demon who was almost a God!


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    This book seems to be a breath of fresh air. The creators of this graphic novel have dared to do something different from the leak by presenting their readers with a completely different type of artwork by using water coloring technique which is soothing to the eyes.

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