Ravanayan – No Spoiler Review, Ratings and Inside Art
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Ravanayan – No Spoiler Review, Ratings and Inside Art

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Ravanayan Synopsis

Ravanayan is a graphic novel published by Holy Cow Entertainment in 2013. The graphic novel is a never seen before taking on Ravana’s life. The Ravanayan is a bold story that tries to explore good side of the Ravana and justify his action to become part of one of the greatest stories ever told. Ramayana is a holy book that teaches us many lessons through its characters and one of them is Ravana himself.  It would be oversimplification if we see this complex epic as just a fight between good and evil.

Overall Rating Ravanayan – 9.2

Ravanayan is a work of fiction that presented Ravana as a King who knew that the world needs order and a perfect balance where demons and humans can coexist. And according to him, he could be that perfect balance because he is a half-demon and half-human. He is someone who understands both and whom both species can listen. To become that balance he needs to be live forever and to that he had to please the lord Brahma by the Tapa. He pleased Lord Brahma, but his wish was not something that can be fulfilled. But Lord Brahma offered him something else. A chance to become a part of the story that will live forever and will be told for the ages.

You know the story. You know what happened. It is hard to retell something that is already an epic. In fact, it is hard to reimagine a tale and make those changes a part like it was always. Ravanayan is a bold step that talks about the good sides of Ravana.

According to Valmiki’s Ramayan, Raavan was pictured as a cruel, most monstrous demon, which disrespected all the holy people. Ravana even said that “I know what the right thing is, but I don’t want to do it”. Valmiki’s Ramayan even described the good qualities of Ravan in a complete manner. It states that Ravana was a great scholar and was capable of being a great person. He was said to be a master of the Vedas and an expert in veena.  However, his lust and ego distracted his mind which becomes the reason for his demise.

Ravanayan Story – Concept, Grip, and its Impact – 9.3

Ravanayan Volume 1 contains the first 3 issues of the original printing. The story covers how Dashanan becomes Ravana and even before becoming Ravana how he struggled in his childhood to choose between good and bad. His thoughts and his values were not as simple as his siblings. Surpanakha was impatient. She couldn’t feel guilt while Vibhishan was kind. Kumbhakarna was full of rage. He could have lost but he found balance.

Ravanayan issue 4 collects a couple of events that shaped the epic war. One is Ravana’s fight against all Gods to claim Amaravati. The other one is the introduction of mareecha who played the role of doppelganger so Ravana can kidnap Sita. And the third one is the story of the two rising princes: Rama the price of light and Meghnath the prince of darkness.

Ravanayan issue 5 collects the events when Sughreeva mistakenly thought that his brother is dead, and he locked him up in a cave. The Ravana and his ally played a big role here. Kudos to the imagination of vijayendra Mohanty.

Ravanayan issue 6 collects the events of Hanuman burning lanka and Vibhishan leaving Ravana’s side. It also collects a special short story or a preview of Aghori. This short horror story was really interesting too.

Ravanayan issue 7 and 8 collects the final war between the demon king and the Vishnu’s avatar Ram.

The Ravanayan story is believable, and the few elements that make the story unique are added beautifully. I hope this story could be proved true or it must have happened as the story told by the Vijayendra Mohanty, but it is not.  The story is believable because Ravana was cursed in his previous birth where he chose to take birth as an enemy of lord Vishnu thrice. Jaya and Vijaya were gatekeepers of Vaikuntha who were cursed, and this cursed will be lifted only if they get killed by Lord Vishnu. By this, it makes sense that Ravana might know that to uplift his curse he had to play the role of Rama’s enemy to get ultimately killed by Rama. However, there is nothing mention like this in Valmiki’s Ramayan. I would give it 10 for its story.

However, its grip is not solid enough from start to the end. The narrative in the first 4 issues is exceptionally well but that lacks in the last 4 issues, especially in the final war. We have seen a different side of Ravana in the first 4 issues, but in the final issues, there was just a demon king who was playing his role at his best. For grip, I will give 8.

The Ravanayan makes you think how easy it is to say someone evil or someone good. Contrary to this, it is not that much easy. I can not disagree with the fact that in current society, it has become a trend to find goodness in past evils too. But that is not totally wrong. I might be least qualified to comment on a religious level but as we grow, we know there is a fine line between both good and evil. There are different criteria to judge how good and how evil a deed is. Ravanayan brings a lot of questions to the table therefore I give it 10 for its impact.

Ravanayan Cover Art – 9.5

Holy Cow is known for its artwork. That is their forte. The covert art in all 6 issues is astonishing except the Ravanayan finale part 1. However it isn’t bad either, but it is below the standards of other cover art provided.

Ravanayan Lettering and Dialogues – 8

The lettering and dialogues are fine. My personal favorite are the dialogues between Ravana in his childhood with his mother when she told him that his life is a gift, not a burden. However, the essence in dialogues is something that I missed in later parts.

Ravanayan Inside Art – 10

Ravanayan is the first graphic novel series by Holy Cow entertainment and it is already 7 years since it was first published. However, the inside art is still better than the most graphic novels currently offer. All the 8 issues are drawn by Vivek Goel and Coloured by Yogesh Pugaonkar. Sumit Kumar was also involved in Ravanyan finale part 1.

Ravanayan comes with 2 showcase books inside. One is sheshanaag and the other is barbareek. The sheshnaag is done by Vivek Goel and Akshar Dhar while the Barbareek was written by Anirudh Singh and illustrated by Gaurab Srivastav, Sumit Kumar, and Rakesh Kumar. The colors are done by Yogesh Pugaonkar.

Ravanyan Other Team Members

  • Letters – Prasad Patnaik, Tahir Kapadia
  • Covert Art for Finale Part 2 – Mukesh Singh
  • Covert Art for Finale Part 1 – Lalit Sharma and Jagdish Kumar
  • Graphi designer – Neelam Sharma, Ankur Amre and Kishan Harchandani

Ravanayan Verdict

Ravanayan is a never seen before taking on Ravana’s life. The Ravanayan is a bold story that tries to explore the good side of the Ravana and justify his actions as he wanted to become the part of one of the greatest stories ever told. It would be oversimplification if we see this complex epic as just a battle between good and evil.

Some More Image from Ravanayan

Ravanayan – Product Information

  • Pages are Glossy
  • The English versionis only avaiable in tradepaperback
  • The size of the graphic novel is standard US size.
  • Ravanayan Volume 1 has 92 pages. The volume 1 is second printing which includes issues 1 to 3. Issue 4 has 40 pages, issue 5 has 20 pages, issue 6 has 40 pages, Ravanayan final part 1 has 60 pages and finale part 2 has 68 pages.

WHERE TO BUY Ravanayan?


If you dont know Ravnayan hindi collector edition is also available now. you can buy ravanayan hindi 👈 here

You can also buy Ravnayan and other holy cow comics at http://www.comicsadda.com


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