Shaitan – Toy Soldiers – Review, Ratings and verdict
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Shaitan – Toy Soldiers – Review, Ratings and verdict

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Shaitan – Summary

The first issue is written by Anirudh Singh & penciled by Gaurav Shrivastava. The title was first launched at the Bangalore Comic Con 2015. Shaitan primarily wrote to tell the story of the Shaitan Singh but first, the story starts with a US Black Ops team who just lands on the Astola island of Pakistan under a secret mission. Though their secret mission was to track and neutralize terrorist groups what they found and unlock was what none of them were ready for.

The artwork is gritty & dark which is what Holy Cow entertainment is known for. We especially loved the portrayal of Shaitan Singh. He seemed blank and cold blooded like an animal in whole series, yet he was rescuing the team from the horrors of the cave. Gaurav Shrivastava & Prasad Patnaik’s artwork is excellent, and it encapsulates the mood that the Anirudh Singh attempts to invoke.

Shaitan let you explore the mysteries of Astola Island, Pakistan where the deep secrets and darkness’s were buried since the ages. Find out what terrors they confront? What is connection of Shaitan Singh with these secrets? How the story connects with the events of second world war? The secrets that unleashes will take you to de route of Shaitan’s ultimate journey started from one of the very first fight for the independence of India.

Shaitan Singh’s toy Soldier is a four-issue series that talks mainly about the origin of Shaitan Singh. The story by Anirudh Singh is gripping and unfolds slowly to keep you entertained. Holy Cow has become one of most trusted graphic novel publishers in Indian comic industry as they always match the expectations of a buyer.

Shaitan Artwork – Penciling and Coloring – 10

Gaurav Shrivastava has once again done a marvelous job in terms of penciling. The art style is different this time as you will notice use of very few colors throughout all 4 issues: mostly black, white and red. But that is as amazing as it was in any other holy cow issues so far. Some of the pages are drawn by Harsho Mohan. Harsho Mohan has his own way of drawing sense which looks good especially when it is about explaining the scenes from past. But too many lines sometimes make it difficult to understand exactly what is drawn. We ourselves love more cleaner arts. You can see one of the pages drawn by Harsho Mohan below:

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Prasad Patnaik has done his job remarkably well too. In short, holy cow has tried a different concept in terms of presenting art this time and it worked. We do not think any other Indian publisher has ever provided so many flavours of art in India ever.

Shaitan Story – 8.7

The concept of the story is nice, but it confuses you from time to time as there is time jump from present to 2 stories from the past. One from the second world war and other from the unknown time. The concept is refreshing but answers to many questions have yet to find. For the concept, we give it an 8.

The pace of the story become dull in the mid of the storyline when the focus was taken to the storyline from the world war 2. We know that was the need of the story to understand the main characters, but it was not as much exciting as it was the exploration of Astola Island throughout. For the pace, we give it 8.

The impact of the storyline is outstanding as the ending was flawless. Moreover, there was so many teasers and giveaways of the upcoming characters in the holy cow universe. Impact was 10.

Shaitan Dialogues and Lettering – 9

Dialogues are simple and do not need a dictionary for a non-native guy. Comic Scoop believes that it is important as to reach and impress most of the Indian public, the language should be easy.

Lettering is satisfying too.

Shaitan Cover Art – 7

Shaitan cover art are not as impressive as they are for most of the holy cow graphic novels. All 4 titles have given very little space for arts and more space for graphic design and slogans. The cover art for all 4 issues are injustice to one of the best stories in holy cow universe. Our rating for all the covert arts is 7.

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Special Mention for Showcases

Shaitan part 1, 2 and 3 comes up with bonus content as showcase. These 3 stories are of Duryodhan, Jambavan and Jatayu-Sampati. Showcases are treat for any art lover and when it is about Indian mythologies, you can not hate it. Modern and fresh look to the mythological characters looks so cool. But in terms of story and art, one stands out of all three and that is Jatayu-Sampati, written by Guddu Rangeela. We are sure you are going to love this awesome story of two brothers who could have changed the course of Ramayana if they both have flee together.

Shaitan Toy Soldiers – Product Information

  • Pages – 192
  • Paper type – Glossy
  • Cover – Paperback
  • Language – English

Shaitan Toy Soldiers – Team Members

  • Writer – Anirudh Singh
  • Penciller – Gaurav Shrivastav (Part 1, 2 and 3), Vivek Goel, Gaurav Shrivastav and Harsho Mohan (Part 4)
  • Colors and Lettering – Prasad Pattnaik
  • Cover Art – Vivek Goel and Prasad Pattnaik

Showcase – Duryodhan

  • Writer – Anirudh Singh
  • Penciller – Gaurav Shrivastav (Page 1- 8), Sumit Kumar (Page 9 – 16)

Showcase – Jatayu/ Sampati

  • Writer – Guddu Rangeela
  • Penciller – Vivek Goel

Showcase – Jambavan

  • Writer – Anirudh Singh
  • Penciller – Gaurav Shrivastav (Page 1 – 6, 16)
  • Saumin Patel (7 – 15)

Shaitan Toy Soldiers – Where to Buy

Shaitan Toy Soldiers can be bought through official holy cow website. However, if you want to buy it with combination of other Indian comics, your best option is If you want to buy on amazon, go here 👉 Shaitan Vol. 1 – Toy Soldiers

You can also click on the image below:

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Shaitan Volume 1 - Toy Soldiers Ratings by Comic Scoop
  • 8.7/10
    Story - 8.7/10
  • 10/10
    Inside Artwork - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogues and Lettering - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Cover Art - 7/10

Summary - Shaitan Volume 1

Shaitan is a four-part series that talks about the origin of Shaitan Singh. The story is gripping and unfolds slowly to keep you entertained.  Shaitan explores the mysteries of Astola Island, Pakistan where the deep secrets and darkness were buried since the ages. Find out what terrors they confront? What is the connection of Shaitan Singh with these secrets? How does the story connect with the events of the second world war? The secrets that unleash will take you to de route of Shaitan’s ultimate journey started from one of the very first fights for the independence of India.

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