TBS Planet – Yug, Barf, 13 Days – Review and Ratings
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TBS Planet – Yug, Barf, 13 Days – Review and Ratings

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Yug Review

yug story – 6/10

Meet Yug – the warrior, the soldier, the prince, the savior – the hero! As a young boy, he was trained and brought up by a sage. But an unfortunate attack left everyone dead in his kingdom. An attack made by the deadliest demon to ever step on the planet – Shakyasur. Rampaging one kingdom after another, he is on a mission to capture the entire world. But no one can stop him. Or perhaps someone can! Someone who miraculously survived the incident. One who was saved by the Devas and brought to Devpur. One who was then trained at swords fighting, archery, wrestling, and other such important warrior skills. That someone – Yug.

The story is fast paced, easy going and smooth. It’s moderately gripping, but not a page turner. The plot however fails to leave much impact although the story seems very heroic.

Yug Dialogue – 6/10

There’re too many speech bubbles sometimes, and too much dialogue, but thankfully, that’s not true for all the pages. The language is very lucid.

Yug Art and Color – 6/10

Among the 4 books in this set, Yug flaunts the best artwork. But in general, the artwork is below average. The coloring is just as amateurish, as the pencils and inks. Cover has no attraction and the artwork in it look amateurish.

Yug Graphic Design and Letters – 6/10

The presentation required improvement. The speech bubble tails were very weird in some panels.

Yug Creators

  • Character Concept- Rajeev Tamhankar
  • Writer- Sonal Sinha
  • Art- Subhajit
  • Letters- Shashank Sekhar
  • Editor- Sayali Shidore & Pallavi Kulkarni
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Yug – Product Information

  • Number of pages- 22
  • Page type- Glossy
  • Language- English
  • Binding- paperback

Barf Review

Barf Story – 4/10

After defeating The Puppet Master, another Supervillain has entered in the Capital City. He is the most powerful of all with all new super powers- Barf. He can shoot freeze rays from his hand which is no less than the pointed draggers. How did he enter the capital city, who made him, will Ved be able to save the City again?
The pace of the story was fast, but unfortunately, it was not very gripping. And you will have to have prior knowledge of Ved, so if you haven’t read Ved: The Puppet Master, you might be a bit lost and confused. The story was not impactful at all!

Barf Dialogues – 4/10

Some pages had too much dialogue, and judging by the tone of the storytelling, it seemed, that the writing was very unprofessional and subpar.

Barf Art and Colors – 1/10

Never have I ever witnessed artwork this bad on the pages of a comic book. It looks like scribbling, and as if, the artist hasn’t even tried. Whatever may be the reason, the art was really bad, and that’s me putting it as moderately, as possible.

Barf Graphic Design and Letters – 3/10

Very amateurish. Doesn’t go well with the story. The sheer lack of professionalism in every aspect, throughout this comic is unnerving.

Barf Creators

  • Concept- Rajeev Tamhankar
  • Writer- Abhijeet Mishra
  • Project Manager- Salil Kolhe
  • Illustrations- Aman Jain
  • Colors- Alok Ranjan
  • Letters- Shashank Shekhar & Akash Benjara
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Barf – Product Information

  • Pages- 24
  • Page type- Glossy
  • Cover type- paperback
  • Language- English

13 Days Part 1 & 2 Review

13 Days Story – 7/10

13 Days Part 1, is a horror story based on a group of friends from Bangalore who visit Bandipur forest and begin to experience haunting after it.

13 days Part 2 is the second part of the bestselling scariest graphic novel series 13 Days which is based around a group of friends from Bangalore who visit Bandipur forest and begin to experience haunting after it. This part explores Kanan’s journey as he goes on a mission to unravel the mystery of the 13 days deadly cycle that took his sister Riya’s life. This two-part story concludes in 13 Days part 3.

The pace of the story was just perfect. It was surprisingly gripping. Filled with elements of horror and mystery, the plot twists were equally good. It was quite impactful to be frank, and definitely, the best story in this set.

13 Days Dialogues – 7/10

The dialogues were not overdone. Lucid language was used, that went well with the tone of the story.

13 Days Art and colors – 5/10

Judging by the standard of TBS Planet, the art in this series was strictly decent. It could have been much better. The coloring was also very average. The story had potential, and if the artwork would have been improved a tad bit, it’d have been a very presentable looking horror comic series.

13 Days Graphic Design and Letters – 2/10

The shape, color and fonts of narration boxes and speech bubbles looked ridiculous, considering it’s a horror comic series. The overall design was screaming anything but horror.

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13 Days Creators

  • Writer- Rajeev Tamhankar
  • Illustration & Colors – Satyajit Mondal
  • Dialogues- Rajeev Tamhankar & Sayali Shidore
  • Project Operations- Mohit Tamhankar
  • Special thanks – Salil Kolhe, Hardik Aggarwal, Merlyn Jane

13 Days Part 1 & 2 – Product Information

  • Language- English
  • Pages- 26 & 28 respectively
  • Price-  Rs150 each
  • Cover- Paperback
  • Page type- Glossy

Where to Buy

You can buy these comics from the Official Website of TBS Planet. At the time of writing, there is a special discount on a combo of these 4 books. Get it here combo 👇

Yug, Barf and 13 Days Review and Rating
  • 5.6/10
    Story - 5.6/10
  • 5.6/10
    Dialogue - 5.6/10
  • 4/10
    Art and Coloring - 4/10
  • 3.6/10
    Graphic Design and Letters - 3.6/10

Summary - Combo of 4 TBS Planet Comics (Barf, Yug and 13 Days)

The biggest motivation to buy the set of these 4 comics of TBS planet could be the discount they are offering right now. Except that everything from art, coloring, dialogues, and story are below mediocre. The artwork is so amateur that you need to push yourself hard to read these comics. If we have to pick one out of these 3 titles, we will recommend 13 days. It was good to read but still not good enough to go for the third part.

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