The Beginning by Indusverse – No Spoiler Review and Rating
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The Beginning by Indusverse – No Spoiler Review and Rating

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The beginning is one of the three comics that were published by Indusverse in 2019. The other two are outrage and stunt. Indusverse is a new comic book publishing house, selling all 3 comic books under Rs 1500 in a slip case style cover and marketing these as the first binge read graphic novels of India. The beginning is an origin story of female protagonist Simone, who will turn in to first superhero of Indusverse.

Bronze for The Beginning in 2020 Comic Con India Awards

Before starting with the review, you must know that “the beginning” and “stunt”, both have won multiple awards in comic con India awards 2020. Stunt was 2nd runner up for best covers while the beginning was 2nd runner up for best graphic novel/ comic book.  The beginning also won silver for best writer. The beginning is written by Lianne Texeira Singh and Arunabh Kumar. Arunabh Kumar is also founding partner and CEO of the Indusverse. You may already know Arunabh kumar as he is director of very famous youtube channel, The Viral Fever – TVF as well.

Simone is a portrayed as typical Goa girl who love to party and live life to fullest. Her father is running a protest to preserve the nature and environment of Goa. Her mother is a scientist and botany professor. Things take a tragic turn when simone lost her parents in a bomb blast that likely happened because the land mafia lost the case that simon’s father was running against them. Simone was the only survivor of the bomb blast. The later part is all about how the transformation takes place of Simone into a superheroine. She takes the mantle of a superheroine whose powers are somehow connected to the mother nature. She has not started calling her with any superhero name yet, but her friend Anisha call her Indian wonder woman. She has magical tribal jewellery which is obviously the reason of her transformation but the story of this jewellery and the power it poses is yet to known. I will leave the rest to you to explore.

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The Beginning – Story, its Impact, Grip, and Concept – 5

In short, the story is good but how it has been told and written is pretty average. I am little disappointed from the story point of view as I was expecting more from the silver position winning graphic novel of 2020 by comic con India. Story is not obviously the strongest part of the beginning. There is more than one reason for my disappointments.

The comic book is written in three languages: English, hinglish and Konkani.  The use of hinglish (agar aap nahi jaante hinglish kya hota hai to ye hota hai hinglish) and Konkani made it difficult to read which makes it hard to get connected with the soul of the story. Use of hinglish from the start till the end is an experiment that falls apart. As we know hinglish is type of language we use on the daily basis but there is difference of writing and understanding the meaning from person to person. Moreover, the use of Konkani language in many dialogues could not help but made the things worse.  

The origin story is good. When you finish reading it you know that it could have been better. There is a lot of potential in the character and am confident if they can understand about the drawbacks the following parts can be more impactful. The story is 5. I do not want to talk about or score its impact and grip, but the concept is almost 10. My total score for the story, its Impact, Grip, and Concept is 5.

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The Beginning – Cover ART – 9

The cover page shows the superheroine lifting something heavy which shows that one of her power is strength. It also appears from the cover that the image is a screenshot from someone’s Instagram account which is fresh idea. Still, I have seen some recent cover arts better than this one so I will not give it a perfect score but 9.

The Beginning – Dialogues – 4

The dialogues are forgettable. Please pardon me if I have different views than you. The only positive I can think of is the beginning of #thebeginning and the ending where the dialogues were clearer.

The Beginning – Graphic Design and Letters – 10

The lettering or calligraphy was top-notch.

The Beginning – Inside Art – 10

Inside art is the lifeline of #thebeginning. All the praise for the artists involved:

  1. Art by Rajesh Nagulkonda
  2. Colors by Vivek Shinde, Nehaal Gonsalves and Rajesh Nagulkonda

One thing I felt that I could not feel the pain of the Simone when she lost her parents. In short, I think the art could not express the sadness after she lost them. May be the dialogues were to blame. One of such iconic scenes which can still roll tears from my eyes was when Dhruv lost his family in “Pratishodh ki jawala“. I know that is too much to ask from, but this was a scene that could have been most impactful for readers. But the art is so good I cant take any score off of it.

Some More Inside Art Pictures from The Beginning

The Beginning – Product Information

  • Pages count – Story 78 pages, Other pages – 10
  • All three parts are paperback and inner pages are glossy.
  • Binding and paper quality are very good.
  • These comics can be bought through Amazon but currently they are out of stock.
  • They could have been bought separately from amazon but now your only option is to buy all these 3 in a combined slip case.
  • You can order anytime from
  • You can also buy Indusverse boxset from Fiction Comics Website as well.
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The beginning is an origin story of female protagonist Simone, who will turn in to first superhero of Indusverse. The beginning is a good concept which fall short in connecting with the readers. The experimentation with the writing style made it more complicated. We would love to read more from the Indusverse but we hope they can correct what they did wrong with the beginning as it can disappoint many readers.

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