The Last ASuran – Bite Marks | Review and Rating
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The Last ASuran – Bite Marks | Review and Rating

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The Last Asuran – Synopsis

The Last Asuran Volume 1 is prequel to Aghori Origins Series. This bite marks explores the background of one of the sidekicks of Vira in Aghori Origins who is Desh. The story of The Last Asuran can briefly be summarized as Desh’s mentor, father figure, hand over him a task to retrieve a briefcase that has been received recently by the politician named Raja Saab in Banapur, UP. The briefcase contains a biological weapon, a serum that can define or change the meaning of power for the coming era. Soon during the mission, Desh finds out that the people he is after are not humans but something else. Everything that you witness afterwards is pure action. But this action is not anything you see easily in a graphic novel. The fight scenes are choreographed so well that you forget that this is a graphic novel not a cinema.

Did Desh accomplished his task? What are the secrets that he revealed when he reached Banapur? To know and see your hero Desh in a completely new avatar, buy your copy of the last asuran!

The last Asuran is written by Ram V who has also written Aghori series for Holy Cow Entertainment. The drawing has done by Vivek Goel also the CEO of Holy COW & Gaurav Shrivastav.

If you have read Ravanayan, you know what you can expect in terms of artwork from Holy Cow. The artwork of holy cow has always been stunning, and it has exceeded its own level in the Last Asuran.  Yes, the Last Asuran is even better than all previous graphic novels from Holy Cow.

The Last Asuran – Story – 8.5

Concept – 7

The main objective behind The Last Asuran volume 1 seems to introduce Desh in a separate graphic novel more than backtracking his history. We say this as the story is straight forward and explores very less about the origin of Desh. Holy cow has not given many details about his origin in first volume. Like what is his background? How did he get superhuman abilities? Why is he tagged as The Last Asuran? We only know that Desh was an abandoned child who got adopted and raised by the biggest underworld gangster of Mumbai. If you see The Last Asuran as an origin story, then you must know that The Last Asuran is more kind of a foundation to the origin story. Though we enjoyed every single page but what hyped us most was introduction of an unknown guy who said he know Desh since he was kid, and he was watching over him ever since. Desh also come to know about a lot new things about himself after meeting him. For example, he has blood of a race that is even older than the vampires. If you have read Aghori bloodlines, you already know that he has some connections with the immortals too. 

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Pace – 10

The pace of the story was steady throughout. It was neither slow nor too fast. We have no complaints over this part.

Grip – 8

The story starts well but it starts losing its grip in the middle as its all about action from then till the end. Though the set up for all the action was incredibly good and perfect for a superhero comic book but what we missed is to explore more of Desh. We still loved The Last Asuran as the action sequences especially with the main super villain were amazing. 

Impact – 9

One thing that the last asuran Bite-Marks really did well is leaving a strong impact and a perfect foundation for Desh as a leading superhero of the holy cow future issues. The pace, grip and bloody action throughout leaves marvellous impact on a reader. This issue will side-line other heroes in front of Desh from now on.

The Last Asuran – Dialogues and Letters – 9

Dialogues – 8

Dialogues are easy and does not takes your focus off the artwork. You can also see it as the artwork overwhelmed the dialogues of the book. You do not care much about it from start to the end.

Caption and Speech Bubbles – 9

Caption and speech bubbles are placed in correct order therefore the reading experience was smooth.

Graphic Design – 10

Graphic design for the cover is top notch and it looks good inside book too. 

The Last Asuran – Cover – 10

Definitely the best!

The Last Asuran – Inside Artwork – 10

The artwork is amazing as it is always. It seems like both Gaurav Shrivastav and Vivek Goel has done by far the best work in this book. The blood and gore scenes especially are very satisfying. The most exciting thing throughout the book was the fight-scenes. Trust me you will not stop gazing the book even after you finish reading it.

The coloring partner for all the artwork is again Prasad Patnaik who is just superb and compliments all efforts putted while drawing all the panels.

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The Last Asuran – Team Members

  • Writer – Ram V
  • Artist – Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel
  • Colorist – Prasad Patnaik
  • Letters and Graphic Design – Kishan Harchandani

The Last Asuran – Product Information

  • Page Type – Glossy
  • Number of Pages – 76
  • Binding – Paperback
  • Language – English
  • Dimensions – 26.5 x 17.5 x 0.5 cm

The Last Asuran – Where to buy

You can buy The Last Asuran from its official website or you can purchase it from amazon 👉 The Last Asuran Vol. 1: Bite Marks 👈 You can also click on the below amazon to buy it 👇

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The Last Asuran - Bite Marks Rating by Comic Scoop
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    Story - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue and Letters - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Cover Art - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Inside Artwork - 10/10

The Last Asuran - Bite Marks - Summary

The Last Asuran can briefly be summarized as Desh’s mentor or father figure, hand over him a task to retrieve a briefcase that has been received recently by the politician named Raja Saab in Banapur, UP. The briefcase contains a biological weapon, a serum that can define or change the meaning of power for the coming age. Soon during the mission, Desh finds out that the people he is after are not humans but something else. Everything that you witness afterwards is pure action.

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3 thoughts on “The Last ASuran – Bite Marks | Review and Rating

  1. Agreed on every point, just in my opinion the impact was not too much for me it reminded me somewhat of the ‘Blade’ character.. but I was astound by the artwork it was top notch ..
    Really interested to know his origin
    I have the first issue , the cover art is amazing as well !!

  2. Agreed on all the points, just it wasn’t that impactful for me, it gave me “Balde” vibes.. But the artwork was definitely a banger !! Top notch..
    cover art is fantastic..
    Intrigued to know his origins in the coming issues

  3. Raj comics ke alawa agar mujhe koyi indian comics company ne attract kiya hai toh wo hai holy cow entertainment , cover art hi itne top notch quality ke hote toh inside art kitna badhiya hota hoga , bas ek hi dikkat hai ……………..Cost , kaafi costly aati hai HC ki comics☹️☹️

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