The Village – Spoiler Free Review and Ratings
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The Village – Spoiler Free Review and Ratings

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The Village – Synopsis

The Village is a masterpiece from Yali dream creations and you might already have heard a lot of times about it. But how often does that happen when you read something with a lot of expectations, and it meets with the same? The village is that kind of graphic novel and it must be given 10 out of 10. The village is based on the story written by world renowned Stephen King’s ‘one for the road’. Shamik Dasgupta has not just retold the story but has completely melded it into the Indian settings. The story has been set in the heartlands of Tamil Nadu and has covered the malpractice of casteism which has plagued our country since ages. Shamik Dasgupta gave this genre his own name – “social horror”.

The story starts with a bus of passengers who are on their way to Chennai. However, because of the bad climate and heavy rain they got stuck in a long traffic jam. They take detours which become their biggest mistake of life. What happened to them that night will be found out later but before that the story takes a 19-year jump and presently in 2024 introduces us to the 4 main characters of the story. The three main protagonists are badass old guys and they are:

  • Shakti, the sarpanch of the village Navamalai – Shakti is a person who believes in the principles of communism. He has eradicated the difference between lower and upper cast in his village.
  • Peter Pandyan, a fearless pub bartender and shakti’s old friend
  • Raja, a brother in law to shakti and a good friend
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The villagers and the old guys are celebrating as the monsoon has arrived early which is good for harvesting. Then arrives the fourth main character of the story, doctor Gautham Subramaniam, who was travelling from Coimbatore to Chennai. He had to take a detour from the highway and got stuck in the middle of the road because a boulder hit his car. He came six kilometres looking for help into the village after locking his wife and his kid in the car. However, every villager leaves the bar as nobody was interested in helping him. His only hope are the three old men left with him in the bar now who are also suggesting him to wait until the morning which is impossible for a man whose family is there in the unknown road in the middle of the night. 

At last, the old man trio made their mind to help doctor Subramaniam. What is it that makes three old guys to assist the doctor when all the villagers refuse it? Is this the age or is there something personal that wants them to go? What happened here 19 years ago? What is the secret behind the cold-blooded behaviour of the villagers towards Dr Subramaniam? Trust me, answers to all these questions and the secrets that will start unfolding now will keep you on the edge of the seat throughout this 135 page long saga.

The Village – Story, its Impact, Grip, and Concept – 10

The village story and script are written by Shamik Dasgupta. The story starts with a common set up which may arise your assumptions that this is going to be like traditional Indian horror stories where you can figure out what is going to happen next. But that is not true. The story is not just about horrific elements but a reality check of the Indian caste system. The story is written so well that you never feel like you are reading a 135 page long graphic novel. The story, its pace, its grip and impact, every department deserves a perfect 10.

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The Village – Cover art – 9

The cover page is illustrated by Gaurav Srivastav and coloured by Prasad Patnaik. The cover art is good but does not quite convey the story or the premises. A front cover is something that should be exciting enough to encourage readers to pick up the book. I think the only weakest element of the village graphic novel is its front cover. 

The Village – Dialogue and Lettering – 10

The lettering is done by Kishan Harchandani and edited by Sundhar Srinivasan. The dialogues and lettering were spot-on on many occasions. It played its role well which made many art sequences more impactful. I give it 10

The Village – Inside Art – 10

The inside art is handled by the current most popular duo of Gaurav Srivastav and Prasad Patnaik. Gaurav Srivastav is one of the top guns in the current generation of artists. It can’t be rated anything less than 10. The attached inside art from the book is proof to the score.

The Village – Product Information

  • Papers – Glossy
  • Pages – 135
  • Binding – Hardcover

The Village – Team

  • WRITER – Shamik Dasgupta
  • ARTIST- Gaurav Shrivastav
  • COLOR ARTIST- Prasad Patnaik
  • LETTER – Kishan Harchandani

The Village – Where to Buy

The village is available across multiple platforms at almost same price however we recommend you to buy either directly from or

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The Village Review by Comic Scoop
  • 10/10
    Story, its impact and grip - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogues and Letters - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Inside Art - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Cover Art - 9/10

Summary - The Village

The village is a horror graphic novel with spectacular art and a kind of story that you might have never heard before. The village is based on the story written by world renowned Stephen King’s ‘one for the road’. Shamik Dasgupta has not just retold the story but has completely melded it into the Indian settings. The village is a must have Indian graphic novel.

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