VRICA Ascension Protocol – Volume 2 – Review and Ratings

VRICA Ascension Protocol – Volume 2 – Review and Ratings

STORY – 08/10


After going rogue and then taking over the reigns of the country – Team VRICA’s leader, Rohan “Dark Wolf” Dangwal, finds himself grappling with the hubris and the burden that came with his position of power. Meanwhile, the mysterious Shadow 17 continues its onslaught in bits and pieces – with upgraded technology and meta-human soldiers.

While Team VRICA scampers to put out the fires once and for all – we travel across time and follow another man’s story of duty, war and of making a deal with the devil. Who is this person? What relevance does his story have to the current chain of events? Find out in VRICA: Ascension Protocol.


Just like its prequel Dawn of the Wolf, Ascension Protocol is also fast paced and action packed. And the pacing is maintained throughout, from start to end. 


It’s quite gripping. Especially the time jumps in the middle act and reimagining some historic events and freedom fighters with plot twists that you won’t see coming, keeps the readers on the edge. 


The writer knows how to start the story and build up the plot and how to end it with a bang. The whole plot plays with interesting concepts and meaningful conflicts. Although apparently, it may seem like a shallow action movie plot, but it goes way deeper as the story progresses. 


The dialogues are crisp. The writer has a strong vocabulary and he misses no opportunities of showcasing it in the dialogues and narration boxes. The dialogues and the overall writing in general is the most professional aspect of the book. 

ART & COLOR :- 4.5/10

The artwork and coloring in Ascension Protocol is a tad bit improved compared to Dawn of the Wolf, but not good enough to call it above average yet. The sub-par pencils and inks could have been redeemed by good coloring but unfortunately, that’s not what happened here. A bit of added professionalism at these aspects of the book could have taken the reading experience to a whole new level. Thankfully, the creators have taken the inputs in account and we should be up for a visual treat in the upcoming installment of the VRICA series, the Descension Pact. 

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Presentation-wise, we get to see some real cool stuffs throughout the book, but otherwise, it’s strictly decent. The theme and tone of the graphic designing was very apt with the genre but there’s room for improvement when it comes to speech bubble designs, fonts etc. 

Team Members

  • Author: Anirudhho Chakraborty
  • Penciler: Tarun Kumar Sahu
  • Inker: Tarun Kumar Sahu
  • Colorist: Aniruddho Chakraborty, Naval Thanawala
  • Cover: Vivek Goel & Prasad Patnaik

Book Details

  • Publisher: Chariot Comics
  • Pages: 52
  • Format: paperback
  • Page type: glossy
  • Language: English
  • MRP: ₹300/-

Best Place to buy

You can Purchase this book from official website of Chariot Comics

VRICA Ascension Protocol Review
  • 8/10
    Story - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogues - 8/10
  • 4.5/10
    Art and Color - 4.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Letters and Graphic Design - 7.5/10

Summary - VRICA Ascension Protocol

Chariot Comics’ full-length follow up to the “Dawn of the Wolf” is here. The ascension has begun. The mysteries surrounding Shadow 17 is not going to get demystified very easily. History will be reimagined with the introduction of Vricadium. Some national and international leaders from the past will become a part of the plot in a different setting, taking different decisions, resulting in different consequences. And, will Rohan be able to achieve his end goal, or will his god-complex come in the way of his good intentions? 

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