VRICA: DAWN OF THE WOLF – Review and Rating

VRICA: DAWN OF THE WOLF – Review and Rating

STORY – 08/10

VRICA: Dawn of the Wolf, based on one of the bestselling titles from the house of Chariot Comics concludes the first story arc of Team VRICA with an explosive and game-changing climax. The series follows the adventures of Team VRICA, a former Spec-ops unit of the Indian Army as they deal will terrorism, threats on a national and international scale. It also traces the journey of Rohan Dangwal, India’s first meta-human super-soldier, as he navigates between his role as a soldier versus his true duty to the country.


A meteorite crash caused Incident Zero, which led to the discovery of Vricadium (aka God Element). A portion of Vricadium from the meteor had bonded with Rohan(leader of team VRICA-Vricadium Retrieval Combat & Intelligence Agency) and turned him into the world’s first super-soldier and a demi-god as well. During a mission, Rohan learns that he and his team had been lied to and betrayed by the very people they trusted and worked for. So they decided to go rogue as payback and take matters into their own hands. How will things turn out for them and for the nation as a result? Well, you’ll have to turn the pages to know that.


The story is fast-paced and action-packed. Lack of sufficient background details in terms of story might cause a bit of a problem for the readers as keeping up with the pace gets difficult as a result. Developing a thorough understanding is going to be a bit of a challenge if not read carefully because missing any details might cause you trouble while grasping the plot, as the plot is intricately woven and demands your full attention.



The story is moderately gripping. It has a promising start and a strong ending, but it sways too much in the middle, delving in too many details where grip is lost at places. Otherwise, it’s a compact complete story arc that’ll keep you hooked on, till the last page. Apart from Rohan (Dark Wolf), the other team members like Asheesh (long beard), Dhruv (Binary), Sheena (Falcon) & Rajiv (White Fang) also get sufficient room for character development connecting the readers with every member of the team.


The story is thought-provoking. The idea started off as an indigenous version of GI Joe, led by a Captain America-like figure, but it became so much more than that. The writer created something called chariot-verse, from just the concept of Vricadium, and he did quite a good job.

DIALOGUES – 8.5/10

The dialogues are crisp and clear and not overdone at any point. There were many scopes of introducing cheesy and cringe dialogues here and there but thankfully, the writer abstained himself from committing crime of that sorts. Lots of pop culture references keep it refreshing. The writer has a strong vocabulary and he misses no opportunities of showcasing it in the dialogues and narration boxes. Still, a degree of lucidity should have been maintained.

ART & COLORS – 3.5/10

Now comes the major source of disappointment. The below-average visuals. Amateurish artwork and coloring are going to be a turn-off (you’ve been warned). Errors of all kinds are present, be it anatomy or perspective. Moreover, the colorist could have done a better job at hiding the faults of the pencils and inks, but on the contrary, it turned out to be just as low-grade as the artwork.

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The justifications in their defense would be

1) giving a platform to fresh new upcoming talents who were not very professional or of high caliber at that time.
2) the artwork was done almost a decade back.
3) the creators themselves said, “We decided that no matter how good or bad the visuals, or the letters or the edits; least we could do was attempt a comic that would satisfy you (and us) both intellectually and conceptually.”

Well, consider us intellectually and conceptually satisfied. But readers deserve nothing but the best. The efforts of all the creators are appreciated, but VRICA could have been something much more than it already is, it could have been epic if the visuals weren’t this substandard.


Presentation-wise, we get to see some really cool stuff throughout the book, but better fonts, speech bubble, and narration box themes could have been used. It looks ultra-professional at some places and unprofessional at others.

Team Members

  • Author: Anirudhho Chakraborty
  • Penciler: Tamal Saha, Tarun Kumar Sahu
  • Inker: Tarun Kumar Sahu
  • Colorist: Aniruddho Chakraborty
  • Editor: Kate Lyons
  • Producer: Aditya Dhaliwal
  • Creative Director: Katyayan Shivpuri
  • Cover: Vivek Goel & Yogesh Pugaonkar

Product Details

  • Publisher: Chariot Comics
  • Pages: 52
  • Language: English
  • Format: paperback
  • MRP: ₹300/-
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 0.5 x 14.8 cm (A5) 

Where to get Vrica: Dawn of The Wolf?

You can buy physical copies of Vrica: Dawn of The Wolf from its official website. You can also read it on kindle for free.

Vrica: Dawn of The Wolf Review
  • 8/10
    Story - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Dialogues - 8.5/10
  • 3.5/10
    Art and Colours - 3.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Letters and Graphic Design - 7.5/10

Summary - Vrica: Dawn of The Wolf

VRICA is a spec-ops team, led by the Dark Wolf – Rohan, who happen to have obtained God-like powers from Vricadium (The God Element) that came here on earth via a meteorite crash. What he does with his newfound superpowers after he learns some truths that were meant to be hidden from them. Truths, that will change the course of history and force Rohan and his team to take extreme measures to ensure the safety of the nation. VRICA: Dawn of the Wolf is an action-packed sci-fi superhero story you cannot miss.

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