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Xavi Origins: The Struggle – Review and Rating

Xavi Origins – Plot synopsis

Tragedy strikes young Xavi’s family when his mother is abducted and killed. Following this, Xavi‘s father sends him off to a boarding school. Due to little contact with his father and being forced to stay away, he becomes resentful of his dad. After spending years away from home, when he finally returns, he finds things are far different from what he expected. His father is no longer the law-abiding citizen he once was. Even though their relationship is far from ideal, little does Xavi realize that his own motivations and outlook towards life are not too different from his father‘s. In this twisted world of power, will his struggles and choices against chaos help him see the light he desperately seeks… or will it only lead to more chaos? Witness the story of an ordinary boy forced into extraordinary circumstances- A boy who refuses to live a life dictated by others.

Xavi Origins Story – 8 

Subject (8) 

Although ‘daddy-issues’ might seem a very used concept, but trust me, the way ideas and emotions flow in this issue is something very fresh and unique. The focus however remains on Xavi and his inner demons but simultaneously, the surrounding events directly or indirectly related to him is also shown really well!

Pace (8) 

The pace is constant throughout the issue. There are no jumps. The plot unravels in a very smooth fashion. Little glimpses of past is shown in between the present without disturbing the flow of the story.

Grip (9)

You will be hooked on to this issue until you are done with the very last page. The story is extremely gripping and will leave you wanting for more. The story does not get boring at any point of time whatsoever.

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Impact (7)

You will be left with content. And because the protagonist is a young adult with lots of issues, so many of the readers can very well relate to Xavi, which makes this issue even more enjoyable. The story is unforgettable, but the only disappointment is that it is far from over.

Xavi Origins Dialogues – 8

Fresh and nothing cringy or over the top. No noticeable errors found. Feels very realistic and not too filmy. Relatable pop-culture references keep it fun and interesting. 

Xavi Origins – Artwork and Coloring – 8

Art – 7

Tadam Gyadu has done a brilliant job with the artwork. It’s not the best, it’s not perfect, but it’s good nonetheless. The expressions and portrayal of emotions were welldone. The fight sequences were very impressive too! Sufficient detailings give it a very professional look!

Colors – 9

Naval Thanawala is proving himself to be a force to reckon with. The colors are brilliant. Vibrant color palette has been used, with smooth skin tones. He has a good sense of light and shadow and it clearly shows in his works. 

Xavi Origins – Graphic Designs and Letters – 6

Although the overall design of the book is undoubtedly pretty good, but alas, that’s not the case with the lettering. The misalignment of the speech bubbles will often throw you off a bit. Because of this misplaced lettering, you’ll often find yourself confused deciding which speech bubble to read after which one. Apart from that repeated mistake, there’s nothing much to complain about. 

Xavi Origins – Team Members

  • STORY AND SCRIPT – Yudhveer Dahiya
  • PENCILS AND INKS – Tadam Gyadu
  • COLORS – Naval Thanawala
  • LETTERS & GRAPHIC DESIGN – Kishan Harchandani
  • COVER PENCIL AND INKS – Devmalya Pramanik
  • COVER COLORS – Yogesh R Pugaonkar
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Xavi Origins – Product Information

  • BINDING – Paperback
  • PAGES – 48 Pages
  • PAPER TYPE – Glossy
  • LANGUAGE – English
  • MRP – 220

Xavi Origins – Where to Buy

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Xavi Origins Review
  • 8/10
    Story - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogues - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Artwork and Coloring - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Colors - 9/10

Summary - Xavi Origins

Xavi Origins #1: The Struggle is a very underrated comic book. Dhaansu productions gave us a gem but unfortunately, it has failed to get much attention until now. The story was a very fresh and unique one, with a smooth pace and really good visuals. It definitely deserves more love and support.


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    When you are reading books of a particular publication from a long time.You expect the same level of content and artwork in other publications as well. I will definitely purchase this book to decide whether it meets my expectations or not.

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